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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I won't try,
and neither will you-
monkey see, monkey do
(or don't).
So we smile and walk away-
I've taught my heart not to shake;
because no matter what they say,
regret hurts less than heartbreak


[This is basically a remix of something much longer, and more emo.]

Thursday, June 28, 2007


7 lines, 6 beats per

We were silent when I
found you astounded by
the colors in my eyes,
staring as if you had
been captured. I never
let you know I noticed.


6 lines, 7 beats per

What was Noah thinking when
the first rainbow broke the sky,
rising among the heavens
before falling back to earth?
I know what I'd be thinking.
"My God made all these colors."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


9 lines, 6 beats per

"We have faith in you," they
prayed, heads bowed and eyes closed,
throwing their prayers high.
I thought of the classmate,
sleeping somewhere in a
hospital bed, alone.
Then I closed my eyes, and
prayed. "I have faith as well."


6 lines, 9 beats per

"We named her Faith," they explained, pointing
to the slash of orange fur, a cross
laid across her piercing eyes. She used
to walk me to the bus stop, until
we found her purring in a pool of
blood. "The bullet was fatal," she sighs.


A classmate last year was injured in a snowboarding accident- he fell on his head. Something about blood in his spinal fluid, broken ribs doing something or other... He shouldn't have survived, but he did. And he still snowboards!

I used to have a cat named Faith; she was gray with an orange cross on her face. Some church members found her lingering outside the church, pawing at the doors. My older sister found her under one of the chairs on our front porch, purring in a pool of blood. Somebody had shot her with a bb gun, point blank. It shattered some bones, that proceeded to lodge into vital organs.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Starting it off...

I had an idea.

I wanted a space where I can post small, every day poems.


this is the first post!

I'd like to start it off like this-

(7 lines, 5 syllables per- subject= money)
the jingle jangle
of future fortunes,
piles of pennies and
depths of dimes- nickels
in every nook and
cranny, waiting for
just the perfect time.


Just like that, y'see?
Small and simple.

Let's see how this goes!