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Monday, October 20, 2008


Lovely friend I miss you and the way your face looks when you smile. We haven’t spoken in a while- feel free to keep in touch. You know me enough, I’m sure, to know that I’m not to be trusted to communicate anymore. I love you just the same, and think of you often in my days. If you can’t write or call, promise one thing; if you ever get the chance at all, please think fondly of me?

Long time no see (or speak).

For all the friends I forget to keep in touch with-

I still love you~♥

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I’m mostly silent, so she loosens my jaw, twisting left until I want to talk. She curls my hair and says I’m like her doll, so I smile and say, “I hope that’s not all.” We laugh, she says that we’re good friends, and I begin to hope this dream will never end.

Amy loves to dress people up & make them pretty... :D


What of lakes makes them placid? Wavelets lapping, gently slapping sandy shores. I’m not sure anymore why I dislike them, smell or lack of direction. Perhaps it is the memories I carry with me, when all was bright and sunny and friends traveled in threes. We have grown older now and no one will carry me screaming into the lake. Did I ever like it, anyway?

I used to like lakes, but all the ones in Ohio are gross. Plus, I've been to the ocean, which was way better than a stagnant stinky lake anyways.