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Saturday, August 29, 2009


abruptly fascinated with the sound of a voice, heart racing when hands collide and intertwine (magnificent, a thought says somewhere, absolutely wonderful). it almost hurts to make eye contact, so deep and sweet that warning signs are going up somewhere, shouting in bold red letters, “Warning! Attention! Danger of drowning, Surgeon General thinks cavities are bad!” and in a place not too far from here a toothbrush is sighing because everyone knows that eyes cannot cause cavities (the toothpaste is feeling macabre and comments, “while they’re still seeing, at least.”). But here, in this moment, there are no toothbrushes or surgeon generals or anything else at all, really (except for the stray thoughts that manage to get loose and are humming or screaming or neither)- there are only two bodies, suddenly magnetic (one of the stray thoughts argues against this for the sake of science, but is soon quieted) and the magnetism increases and even the stray thoughts disappear in the warm blur of sight and sound. Time stretches, stops, turns around, and throws its hands up in the air, saying to no one in particular, “well there goes the neighborhood,” and two bodies are almost too busy to smile.

This is another challenge that I gave myself. I like this one better, because it's more how my brain works (ie- random thoughts popping up during inappropriate times).
The challenge was to write about love/ romance/ kissing (whatever!) without using; I, you, he, she, we, love, or any variant of kiss.

Friday, August 28, 2009


-like letting go of something heavy; and when you get used to having something and then it's gone you feel naked, lighter, slightly unsure. when you feel one thing for a long time and suddenly decide to feel something else, becoming disoriented. pulling weeds, having a garage sale, spring cleaning; your mind is one step closer to godliness. someone in your life abruptly asks, "didn't you hate that person?" and you reply, "yes, but not anymore." after holding something for so long, your fingers hurt to unclench, but it's a good hurt because it's over. everything is over. you feel-

It goes in a loop, you see. You forgive one thing, and it feels so good you try to forgive one more thing. It doesn't work like that usually, but it should.
It's not really poetry? It's more prose. It was a 100 word challenge I gave myself.

Monday, August 24, 2009


could the cold wind have cut
through the happiness within us?
i thought not,
and even when the current caught
his camera lens cap
we just tried to laugh it off
because none of us wanted the moment to end.
so we threw rocks
into what we called the river
but more likely was a creek,
and I took pictures of the couples
and reflections of the street.
our feet were swinging off the edge
of a perfect little concrete ledge
that led off from the rusty bridge
(the one that we wanted to see).
alex threw rocks
and lance was thinking,
caitlin and i were sometimes singing-
mostly it was her, but that was okay with me.
when i wasn't helping caitlin sing,
i was mostly pondering about the tree
that looked as if magic
would happen around or under it,
and wondered what this would be like
if it had grown on this side
of the creek and not the other,
so we would be beneath its leaves.
eventually, we had to go.
while i was sad to leave,
i was glad to have come-
a memory can last me for pretty long.

Yay for being alumni.
The creek-thing kinda smelled, actually, but the bridge was SUPER fantastic & romantic-looking.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It isn't anything like what I expected;
no cravings
for ice cream
or sad movies,
no teary eyed
or staying up all night.
Can it really be heartbreak
if he's not the one
that broke my heart?

I keep thinking that I'll get hit with a sudden urge to go cry in a corner or watch The Notebook or something like that, but I only feel really quiet inside.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


My feelings are not words, so
my small hands grasp for
a way to express this
jumbled and knotted thing
that lives inside of me.
My feelings, however, stay
out of reach, and my
fingers clasp empty air,
useless in their

Next up- liquid & gas. Maybe plasma :D
Yes, another poem about how I suck at explaining things.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I started to slip
off the edge of a cliff
and thought,
"Would I rather fall
or jump?"
So I leapt
into the air and
to the rocks below.
Before I hit the ground,
I began to slow
down, until I was skimming
over the earth.
I was so excited
by my flying,
that the adrenaline shook me awake.
Just before I opened by eyes,
I remember thinking,
"But to where will I fly?"

Another dream poem. You know that you're a at least a bit cynical when you even suck the fun out of your dreams :D