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Saturday, August 29, 2009


abruptly fascinated with the sound of a voice, heart racing when hands collide and intertwine (magnificent, a thought says somewhere, absolutely wonderful). it almost hurts to make eye contact, so deep and sweet that warning signs are going up somewhere, shouting in bold red letters, “Warning! Attention! Danger of drowning, Surgeon General thinks cavities are bad!” and in a place not too far from here a toothbrush is sighing because everyone knows that eyes cannot cause cavities (the toothpaste is feeling macabre and comments, “while they’re still seeing, at least.”). But here, in this moment, there are no toothbrushes or surgeon generals or anything else at all, really (except for the stray thoughts that manage to get loose and are humming or screaming or neither)- there are only two bodies, suddenly magnetic (one of the stray thoughts argues against this for the sake of science, but is soon quieted) and the magnetism increases and even the stray thoughts disappear in the warm blur of sight and sound. Time stretches, stops, turns around, and throws its hands up in the air, saying to no one in particular, “well there goes the neighborhood,” and two bodies are almost too busy to smile.

This is another challenge that I gave myself. I like this one better, because it's more how my brain works (ie- random thoughts popping up during inappropriate times).
The challenge was to write about love/ romance/ kissing (whatever!) without using; I, you, he, she, we, love, or any variant of kiss.

1 comment:

alia said...

thanks for believing in me =)

and your challenges make for really compelling writing. oh, you artist you!