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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am no truly fleshed out thought heart still changing in the chill air growing like hair and grass only to be trimmed on certain occasions- pruned like bonsai trees and topiaries, much fonder of the former I like the way they twist and turn as the world does, churn as my stomach when I am away from physical reassurance, head meets chest is the most lovely of ways, loveliest of days when I can see the shooting stars at night pretending that their briefest light will ignite a spark between two human beings and the only thing I am sure of is this- the only way to make this better is-

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am through with words,
cumbersome and hard to say,
hard to think of and explain.
So I will speak in common tongues-
body language,
furtive glances,
and other things.
It may be difficult to hear at first,
but I believe
that no meaning
can be truly lost
(even in translation);
With time and practice,
will come easily,
and then we shall be
truly free.


It is home I feel caged,
free when I am away
and timed in every action.
It is the oppressiveness of childhood,
memories like blankets
smothering me, sheets of sunshine
and unforgotten glories.
This is no excuse, I understand,
for the edge in my voice
when you try (civilized) conversation,
But neither is there excuse
for your actions,
however unknowingly struck-
For words are sharp,
and I bleed often in the confine
of the room I once called mine.
So I will try my best to leave
as soon as I see
a window of opportunity,
and you will no object directly-
I’ll be leaving again soon, anyways.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

City/ Amy

She is a saint of cement,
All sharp edges and concrete,
Smooth lines and waves of heat.
Her home was close to mine,
Her heart was next to mine,
Our fingers intertwined
Long ago.
She is still a saint of cement,
Cracked and cold beneath our feet,
Nature pushing up from beneath.
With construction she is smoothing,
Her ruggedness so soothing
To me,
And when the time comes to say goodbye
My saint will not cry

They both end in why
and love~<3