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Sunday, February 20, 2011


our souls recognized each other from
above things and we looked on
from a distance,
never too close- then,
like comets coming
into orbit, finally
made contact- that
brilliant shine of
familiarity at last
flashing in our skies.
all we needed was to look
into each other’s eyes
and say, “hello,”
and it felt like home.

There are times when I can just look at someone and know that we could be friends. Not as rare as instantly hating someone, but me actually getting the courage to talk to them is.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sleep lies
just past shut eyelids,
yet remains out of sight
from a wide-eyed stare.
It sneaks and slips
just out of reach,
almost there
in a short moment before
the fall or sound or
memory. The promise of rest
is a whisper of sweet nothings sent
from shadowed corners-
it fades when faced.
Slumber speaks with lips
so soft and poisoned;
it says things like,
“A lullaby will make
everything alright,” but
sleep lies.

Sporadic insomnia does not work well with an 18 hour work day.
Other than that, life is super.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What is love if it is gone,
if it is absent from the
space beside me,
if it is stretched between
us almost to the point
of breaking? It is a string,
a road, a letter or
a short call just to say hello.
It hides in the
small moments and shines
in them, like a child’s nightlight
or a candle in the window. So
from me to you, I send love.
I hope it is enough.

Yet another poem about long-distance. I am so original.
It's the thought that counts? ♥