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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sleep lies
just past shut eyelids,
yet remains out of sight
from a wide-eyed stare.
It sneaks and slips
just out of reach,
almost there
in a short moment before
the fall or sound or
memory. The promise of rest
is a whisper of sweet nothings sent
from shadowed corners-
it fades when faced.
Slumber speaks with lips
so soft and poisoned;
it says things like,
“A lullaby will make
everything alright,” but
sleep lies.

Sporadic insomnia does not work well with an 18 hour work day.
Other than that, life is super.

1 comment:

Sabrael D. Carroll said...

Yes it does. When it's tongue drips with false statements of hope, and promise... ... ...I want to just kick him in the sack and roll over. Bastard. XD