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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What is love if it is gone,
if it is absent from the
space beside me,
if it is stretched between
us almost to the point
of breaking? It is a string,
a road, a letter or
a short call just to say hello.
It hides in the
small moments and shines
in them, like a child’s nightlight
or a candle in the window. So
from me to you, I send love.
I hope it is enough.

Yet another poem about long-distance. I am so original.
It's the thought that counts? ♥


alia said...

this made me feel warm inside, just thinking about all the letters i've written and stuff i've sent. it feels like home, to think about people and nightlights... sigh.

Sabrael D. Carroll said...

Argh! Gen! Why aren't you e-mailing these to me and Meg so we can showcase them on our blog? These are great. This one is very nice.