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Monday, December 27, 2010


it was my luck
that she would
be beautiful
(a trick of the light)

There are supposed to be parenthesis, but the kit doesn't come with any. I told my parents that for my birthday, I just want a whole bunch more of these magnetic word kit things.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


when you step through
a wet blue sky
never look for me
only know
I always walk with you

I am in love with these magnets.


between morning and a moon
I almost believed
but sweet summer dreams
are cold and hard
in the winter snow

One of my Christmas presents was this magnetic poetry word calendar thing. I love it! This is the first of many...

Saturday, December 25, 2010


If I had the money,
I’d buy you great big things-
like ponies and purses, and
silvery white watches,
and other shiny things.
Sad to say, it isn’t so,
my wallet’s rather bare;
there’s not much left after living,
but please know that I still care!

So as your gift this Christmas,
I used my own two hands
to make you something special
(I hope you understand).
My skills are somewhat limited,
so it may not be highest grade;
though things will break and ponies age,
a friendship never fades.

Secret- originally I wrote "ponies die", but I thought that was a little harsh so I changed it.
Not so secret- Life is expensive.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I wrapped the flaps of my coat
around the roundness of his velvet bulk,
shushing into his oil slick shadow coal
-colored fur. He calmed down
in my arms, and I thought about
eclipses and clouds and cold
nights and how much easier
it is to see a black cat when
there is snow on the ground.

Sammy (short for Samhain) is one of our cats, and possibly the most terrified cat in history. I'm his favorite person, and he still acts like I might kick him when I go to pick him up.
It was too cloudy to see the eclipse. Rage.

Friday, December 10, 2010


These tendons stretch to no avail-
my muscles were not made this long,
to push against the bonds
of distance and fail,
falter, try again
and fail. The aching in my very bones
to grow, like a dried sponge
put in water- to expand and fill
every empty nook and cranny until
there is no part of the world
that I cannot be; saying,
“There there, I’m here. Please,
have some tea and cookies and my love.”
I was born human, not a bridge-
these are the things
we must build and cross,
and I am still at a loss.

Maybe flowed better all in one piece, but oh well.

Just found this as a draft, to be honest. Kinda forgot it was there. This is back from October! Better late than never.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I imagine that there are beauties
that surprise us sometimes-
shining out of natural smiles,
the curves of light
on a face with downturned eyes-
unguarded moments
of loveliness and truth.

Woke up and found this written in my notebook.
I write in my sleep sometimes?