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Friday, August 28, 2009


-like letting go of something heavy; and when you get used to having something and then it's gone you feel naked, lighter, slightly unsure. when you feel one thing for a long time and suddenly decide to feel something else, becoming disoriented. pulling weeds, having a garage sale, spring cleaning; your mind is one step closer to godliness. someone in your life abruptly asks, "didn't you hate that person?" and you reply, "yes, but not anymore." after holding something for so long, your fingers hurt to unclench, but it's a good hurt because it's over. everything is over. you feel-

It goes in a loop, you see. You forgive one thing, and it feels so good you try to forgive one more thing. It doesn't work like that usually, but it should.
It's not really poetry? It's more prose. It was a 100 word challenge I gave myself.

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