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Monday, August 24, 2009


could the cold wind have cut
through the happiness within us?
i thought not,
and even when the current caught
his camera lens cap
we just tried to laugh it off
because none of us wanted the moment to end.
so we threw rocks
into what we called the river
but more likely was a creek,
and I took pictures of the couples
and reflections of the street.
our feet were swinging off the edge
of a perfect little concrete ledge
that led off from the rusty bridge
(the one that we wanted to see).
alex threw rocks
and lance was thinking,
caitlin and i were sometimes singing-
mostly it was her, but that was okay with me.
when i wasn't helping caitlin sing,
i was mostly pondering about the tree
that looked as if magic
would happen around or under it,
and wondered what this would be like
if it had grown on this side
of the creek and not the other,
so we would be beneath its leaves.
eventually, we had to go.
while i was sad to leave,
i was glad to have come-
a memory can last me for pretty long.

Yay for being alumni.
The creek-thing kinda smelled, actually, but the bridge was SUPER fantastic & romantic-looking.

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