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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Full title- "There is a Tree in her Soul"

if fingertips were tendrils of sunshine seeking leaves or needles, hair soft blowing in the whispery spring-summer breezes- no need for brushes or combs, head of treetop foliage hair canopy can grow long tall alone, free of telephone wires or salons or hair ties- There wouldn't be any unnaturally tall or strangely short trees, only friends of different genus or species sharing the same space climate zone and CO2- so it would be with me and you, no worry over same interests- soil or sand, your favorite band is out of the question here- So, my dear, the question you posed to me of positioning, feet in the air head in the ground, and the direction of growth- I have found that instead I have been wondering (with sincere curiosity)- if you were a tree upside down, what would you see?

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