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Saturday, November 22, 2008


The autumn trees let fall their autumn tears, and we rejoice in the streaks of color on the cheeks of fall. I cannot deny savoring the taste of it on my tongue, vibrant and crisp when I breathe, violently seizing me when I have to leave. So scarves and hats appear with winter coats, and no glove is ever left alone. Bare skin is cold skin, and we strive to remain warm within. So come inside before you get too cold, before the snow covers your way home. Come inside, and don’t come alone.

I was trying to get some imagery & metaphors in there, along with the idea that this season is pretty and spent with people you love.

So, it's already snowed in this area of the US. In fact, I think the first snow was in October sometime, the teens or twenties.

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