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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There is a layer of ice covering me
that you cannot see.
Things get confusing easily,
so I am protecting
my heart.
The closer you get,
the further I slip away.
Things are better, this way.

"Cold Shoulder"

Boo, it's raining!

1 comment:

alia said...

S;FKDJS;dfjkwo the weather sucks so much. whether it's snowing OR raining, it's extremely cold... i am very upset by this. and yeah, when i found that book, i thought it was only about roadtripping BUT i've started reading it and it's about using roadtrips to help decide your individual life plan and career. pretty awesome, right? the writers scheduled interviews (with the "successful" and the "unsuccessful") across the country the summer after they graduated college. throughout the semester, i was already doubting the whole college thing, and this book is bringing it allll back lol. now i'm questioning myself and what i really want to achieve in life.

so yeah, i recommend it. hah.

and no worries, i'll be back up at mva some time while i'm still home. jennifer is making me =| haha but yeah, i didn't get to talk to that many people. and i was constantly in an awkward trance... "being back." sooo yeah. and i SO would walk around the house naked, but it's freezing. =(