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Sunday, February 8, 2009


"I'm in love!" she sighed.
"That's wonderful!" I lied.
I did not want to see her
swooning over his boogers
or laughing at the wrong time
(every other line)
for his jokes.
Maybe it's because I think
that knights in shining armor things
are only normal people underneath.
Hidden behind that metallic suit
might be an artist, a jock, or blue
green, brown eyes for you
to look into.
"He's terrible!" she cried.
"No," I whispered, very quiet,
"he is just real life."

I probably should've saved this for Valentine's Day.
Don't worry, I'll have written something for it by then.


Females can be so annoying sometimes... I mean, really. Guys don't sneeze rainbows, and neither do you, so just be human together.

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