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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Dearest Summer, Hurry please! We long
for warmth and sunlight only you can bring.
We want for flowers, birds (they, singing, belong
in trees). Follow quickly after Spring,
if you cannot find your way. We lay
waiting on the beaches, sprawled among
the pools and sun prone places, wiling away
our time. Patient for your touch, the young
and old alike sit sighing at their doors,
ready to rush into your light. Embrace
us once more, dear summer! Hardwood floors
covet your conductive heat. People’s faces
yearn for color. So Summer, I’m on my knees!
If you can (or can’t), make haste, please!

I didn't think that I could write in anything even resembling structure, but I tried my hand at sonnets a bit ago and discovered that I love them.
This one was inspired by Alia ♥


alia said...

aww i'm touched =) and i love it, definitely captures the spirit of the summer enthusiasts. and yes, senior year went by so fast. what's scary is that my freshman year of college has seemed to fly by just as quickly =/ I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP!

alia said...


anyway lol. um yeah, it's not done yet. i'm still not sure what i'm doing near the bottom, and the middle swirly area is going to be colored. i really really want to do this larger with paint... it began as just a doodle but it's given me other ideas...