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Friday, June 19, 2009


I am nearly nude
on the sunny side of the roof,
letting summer's song
soak into me.
The cold, crystalline clink
of ice in a glass of water
Bluejays screaming their anger
(at something or other)
Dogs barking, doors slamming
The swoosh of tires on hot asphalt
The general hum of things
like air conditioning,
that I wouldn't miss
until they suddenly turn


I made myself a tall, cold glass of lemonade yesterday, and spent a nice time tanning.
I love lemonade.


alia said...

"general hum of things", nice. ahh i'm so glad you're enjoying it. not to sound creepy, but that means so much... caitlin's borrowing mine right now and i'm all anxious. anyway, yeah try to be patient lol. it seems pretty slow, but the build up is beautiful. it doesn't happen until literally the last few pages, and even then, the atmosphere is so tense and has been tense that the event is just a physical "collision" of the internal turmoil of everyone's lives. i don't know if that came out right, but hopefully it makes sense once you finish =)

alia said...

so after stumbling upon your other blog, i'm commenting on this now.

yeah it's sad. especially because once i knew the boy was alive, i was relieved... only to replace that feeling with extreeeme sadness when The Boy dies. ahhhh! and it would be amazing if it was required reading. did you have any particular states in mind?