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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just the invitation that could lead
to a conversation where we
would actually speak! was almost too much
for me to take,
my heart beat its way up into my mouth
and stayed there the whole hour
that we laughed with each other.
I had to talk around it
as if I had bitten off more than I could chew
and was chewing with my mouth open
to you. Really, the truth is that
my heart is what was open to you, and
the sound of your laughter and
the way you sigh during small pauses while
you’re searching for something to say.
Sometimes your words would boost me up inside,
and I felt more bright for them.
So all of you came rushing in,
and I’m almost sad to say that I bit down
on the whole she-bang, hook line and sinker.
Is it bad that I let you in again?
I can’t bring myself to care.
Go ahead, here’s your old office-
it’s not like anyone else was going to work there.

For someone who left, but has come back.
The way things were before everything.

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