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Saturday, June 19, 2010


If I could stand up to the truth
then I wouldn't be sitting here, confused,
but love is like no other word
(adjective, noun, or verb)
that I have ever felt-
and who can say I have?
(felt love, I mean.)
One can never tell with these things,
whether I am merely attached
or infatuated.
To be sure I love food, friends,
music, art, and other odds and ends-
but when it comes to romance
(the "May I have this dance?"
kind of stuff)
it all gets fuzzed up.
So you know what?
Screw it.

Haha-! So, I've been going through my things & trying to throw stuff out that I don't need, and that means that I'm going to be submitting a whole bunch of stuff like this. Old poems that haven't seen the light of day for a WHILE.

1 comment:

alia said...

hah i like this. and i feel the same when it comes to love.