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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


everything is fine
until the quiet moments, when the
thoughts come out from their hiding places
and they are saying, "this is
not your bed, not any longer.
this is not your home anymore,"
and i heard a saying
that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"
but i ignore
all of that. there's a part of me
that wants to feel guilty
because it's funny- i don't mind
where i am so much, as long as i'm
having a good time.

New self-discovery-
Being a vagabond doesn't sound so bad, at the moment.
One of my friends said something like, "I get a little afraid every time I get into the car and start driving, because I get this feeling like I'll just keep on going." And I kinda thought to myself, "If that ever ends up happening, I want to be in the car."

1 comment:

alia said...

i agree.
oh and i'm taking an intro to buddhism class and i'm really excited, and i hope i'm super zen-ed out by the end of the semester. and the whipped honey... lol it was being sold at the market outside my dorm. i would have bought some if it had been cheaper. but hopefully i will sometime. it was delicious and creamy. who knew whipped honey even existed?