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Friday, October 29, 2010


in our secret lives we sit, opposites
of ourselves, sighing and saying things
like, "No no no,
you've got it all wrong-
it's my turn this time, let me try!"
and so we let go.
there is a boy with light blue
hair and a lip ring- he smokes
and i can smell it when everything
is quiet and we're thinking,
"life is strange, so let's follow suit."

I'm not going to lie... I still can't write.
But my sketchbook is getting some use, so yay.
That's actually how this came to mind-
I keep drawing this kid. He needs a name.

1 comment:

Nikdoo! said...

this one is kind of deep for me, but I think I get the idea of there being two different voices in our lives. One wants to be wild and crazy and free, and the other wants to be responsible and all the other crap. I think I've started to lean towards the first :O