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Thursday, June 13, 2013


she once dug nails into my skin, i
once connected my open palm
to her face, and neither of us
ever thought we'd see this day-
we share ourselves
without animosity.

i have two brothers now but
that is the least of the changes.

people would always say, "you can't hate
each other forever," to which we'd laugh,"oh,
you don't know us!" but they knew
of time, and now we know too.
it's amazing
what a few years can do.

I am too lazy to use capitalization, but if it bothers anyone I could fix it? Or you could just imagine that it is already there.
Yes, siblings are an interesting race unto themselves. I love mine dearly. The title is a reference to a spelling mistake that Cayden made forever ago, and it spawned the words sibkings & sibqueens & sibroyalty.

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