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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I picked up my dinner, spun around,
and began to walk away.
Time slowed down.
I stared at my plate,
thinking, "Crap, my spaghtetti.
Stupid shoelaces."
I am not aware
of my body twisting midair,
but I slowly realize I'm looking up.
My feet are stuck,
my arms are spread,
and my head
has knocked against
(and is currently propped against)
a chair.
I do not try to wonder how it got there-
it hurts to think.
I begin to notice a few more things.
My dinner is on the ground.
There's quite a bit of sound
that I can't quite understand.
I look at my hand,
still holding the plate.
I look back up, and a concerned face
asks, "Are you okay?"
After the words finally sink in,
I bare my teeth and grin,
get up, brush myself off, and start to walk again.
After cleaning up the mess, thanking the one person who helped,
and getting a new plate
(with food on it), I will laugh and say,
"Shoelaces will be
the end of me."

It's long, but it's a true story.

So two of my friends are on social, and so our friends were all split up and at dinner on one person was sitting with Will so I was like, "Hey, I'll even it out or else it won't be fair." But then everyone moves to follow me leaving Jessica stranded, so I go to move back but my shoelace is untied and somebody's chair is in the way. All I could think really was, "Crap, my spaghetti" and "Stupid shoelaces".
Later I found it hilarious that I was so intent on saving my food that I didn't make any move to catch myself at all, hence me adding the part where I'm just staring at the hand that is still uselessly holding the plate.

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alia said...

hm... jessica and will on social??? ah, the rules of mva.