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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There are lots of little birds on the telephone pole.
I don’t know why they won’t go.
I would, you know,
if I could fly.
So I try
to scare them off, light a fire beneath their wings,
but they barely do a thing.
They flutter a few feet,
and I am tempted to repeat
I know there is no help
for these feathered fools, though, and I move on.

I'm feeling restless.

Silly birds. It's cold here! Fly away!

1 comment:

alia said...

i wish i could fly. sometimes i feel like i was meant to fly, as if i should have been created a bird... but then again, that wouldn't really explain why i love water so much. unless... maybe a penguin? no, they don't fly... gosh my mind is spinning now. i get irritated at the city birds when i try to chase them because they don't fly away. they're so used to humans. i'll walk toward one, and it will walk toward me. how backwards lol. i would soooo be in the air, away from the cold, hip, urban humans. haaaha

oh, and i love the einstein dress-up idea. he's actually been on my mind ever since i cut my hair. oh, albert!