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Monday, February 22, 2010


Winter, please hold me.
I want to feel frigid arms
squeezing the warmth from my heart,
I want to paint my insides white
and feel the ice
rush inside
the sudden emptiness of me.
If you could make
me like the snow,
then I would only take
a record of love leaving
but not really feel anything
when it goes.

True Facts.
Sometimes I want to be numb to things.
But then I remember that everything is beautiful (in its own way), and I take it back.

1 comment:

alia said...


and i know how you feel. at least that's how i am/was with rain. i love it so much... and particularly on cold days i like to take walks and just feel it all. the wetness, coldness, numbness... it's really comforting to me. and i really do cherish the moments i spend in the rain, because i actually FEEL something, you know? haha i'm done reflecting.