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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jessica & Alia

She leaves an impression like bare feet in soft
earth, rain boots across dry floor, galoshes
through fresh snow. I imagine that she transforms
things sometimes, just by taking a record
of her world, as if the lens was
a wand and she was magical. Volatile,
handle with love. This side up-
side down, turning into something
more wonderful than usual.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

There is a world of distinct lines and shadows, colors
and soft circles that I cannot see; but she
can. With her eyes the world is a more intriguing
place, as if every moment is potentially
something and nothing is the wisest sort of everything
imaginable. The sunrise is brighter on her side,
the snow whiter and the world
a more [ _____ ] place. Even if I tried,
I could never erase the memory of
her face laughing in the lowlights.

Two of my muses.
Combined, they are
[or something like that?]


jessicaorourke said...

!! <3 =)
you're sweet Gen.
And your writing is AMAZING! I'm going to read your whole blog thing now.

alia said...

oh i adore you! you are my inspiration. seriously, i probably wouldn't share half of my nonsense if it weren't for you and your poetry and your beautiful way of saying things. mutual muses haha