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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hopelessness is threatening to crush me,
the weight of defeat and everything
pressing and tumbling and crumbling-
I am soft soil against an angry sea,
whose raging waves are tearing me
apart. I want to be a rock, a solid boulder,
a cliff that turns cold shoulders
to the fury of that storm.
But then I recall that I am human,
made of warm blood and fragile bones.
I am sitting in a building, mostly alone.
For a moment, I let myself fall
into that deep despair.
I choke on it, break under it,
breath again, and calmly
begin the repair.
It is human to err.

Found this in my Anatomy notebook. Afraid to go back to college now.

1 comment:

alia said...

hah makes me afraid too ;)