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Monday, April 12, 2010

Deja Vu

deja vu is the feeling when jeans are choking
your hips but fit perfectly
around your legs; being in a dream
and just knowing something
without having to know where
the knowledge came from; simultaneously being
trapped in a cage
and being outside of that cage, holding
the key and swallowing it whole so
that neither of you will ever escape;
trying not to love someone, trying to forget
them with so much of your will that
you give up a part of your heart
in the process; uncomfortable, slightly
unpleasant, but worn in and familiar. deja vu
is the feeling when jeans are

I'm counting "deja vu" as one word, just for the sake of this thing.
It flows more like prose to me, but I cut it up for some reason that I forget at the moment.
Oh well.


alia said...

sooo lovely. the jeans image is powerful... actually all of the images are powerful, in a choking sort of way. but also in a hugging sort of way... did i just restate your poem? hahaha oops, i tend to just spit back out what i see, hear, and like. but i meant it differently? idk, i doubt it.

jessicaorourke said...

This is sooooo good Gen! The last part ties it together so well!!!