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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello Sunrise, old acquaintance. I've been
quite alright without your shining, cheerful
greeting every morning. It's true! Your grin
isn't required! Did you expect tearful
confessions, whispers of my dependence
on you to start my day? Or maybe you
thought I missed you, my life just can't make sense
without you. Wrong! Admittedly, it's true
that you are beautiful, but that's it! No
more than that, you too-bright ball of flame. Please,
remove yourself from my open window,
or close the curtains at least. I can seize
this day just as well around lunchtime. I
will be fine without you. Sunrise- goodbye.

I lied. Roller coasters eventually.
The sun has this habit of shining right through my window into my face, and usually I cover my windows but last night I forgot and I woke up with an eyeful of enthusiastic sunbeams.

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