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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Swinging her crossed legs, she
said, "Do you really think you're ready
for this much responsibility?"
Disbelief coloring her face- I looked away,
hands clenched into fists curled on my thighs.
"Because honestly, I
don't think you are. I'll support you
all the way, but..." She trailed off,
and I still didn't look into her eyes.
So many things that I could say.
"I understand how you might think that way,
but I'm still going," I replied. Eyes locked
for the last few words, maybe
she could hear what I was really
thinking but she
didn't press the issue any further.

Deep breath in, hold. Deep breath out, hold.
Uncurl fingers, lay hands flat.
Buy that plane ticket as soon as you clear up this problem with the bank.

1 comment:

alia said...

YOU'RE READY AND YOU'RE GOING TO BE WONDERFUL. i mean, no one's ever really ready for something until they're there, you know?
p.s. do you want to go to north market sometime this week? or actually there's this place downtown that has really good latin american food and i haven't been there in years. or... yeah... um i'll text you or something lol