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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


She picks the bruises off her apples,
and I massage the bruises on my calves.
She says that it makes the apple taste different,
and I subtly kiss the blueness on my arms.
She throws away the discolored pieces,
and I pull up my shirt to hide
the plum colored spot beneath my collarbone.
I help her eat the apple,
happy that I'm not a fruit.

I practiced sword fighting with my father yesterday, and now I'm covered in bruises. The worst looking one is this huge dark purple spot that covers half my chest from where my shield was pushed against me.


alia said...

hahahahaha omg sword fighting!

alia said...

p.s. i love you so much for your most recent comment. i would be honored to have my quotes in your poems/stories =)

alia said...

oh gosh, i keep thinking of things! lol sorry if you thought these three comments were left by three different people. anyway, i just remembered, did i ever tell you about Miranda July? you MUST read No One Belongs Here More Than You, a collection of her short stories. simply amazing. and next [or before, whatever] watch Me and You and Everyone We Know, which she also wrote and directed and starred in. she's a performance artist and completely quirky and amazing.
[and if you already know about her, sorry for all of this lol]