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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Tell me tomorrow
that yesterday will be
never again
with me.
At the moment, though,
it is enough for me to know
that I will heal someday.

Sometimes, all we need is someone telling us what we already know- that the hurt can't last forever, all things heal with time, this too shall pass, et cetera.
And other times, we just need to stop being a woman and move on ;)

1 comment:

alia said...

probably what i hate most is when i look to others for reassurance and they tell me nothing, knowing that i already know. so i get upset at them for not helping, then i get upset at myself because i knew i didn't need help. what a mess. i seem to create messes lol.

but also, on the flip side, i get really paranoid and usually someone is there to remind me of the things i know, reassure me that most of it was in my head. craziness, i tell you. haha...