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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Every fraction of a cent is a skin cell-
I'm losing pieces of myself.
Heart strings and purse strings-
they are the same thing
(for me).
Retail therapy doesn't work, you see,
when the guilt is so heavy
that it crushes the high.
So put those cute shoes back, and I
will show you the door.
I can't take it anymore.

Even thrift shopping makes me feel bad now :(

So, I guess I'm not doing a poem a day.
WAY too busy.
I'm actually going to try this year :D


Soogie said...

hey gen! i want to go thrifting.. korean's are so into brand names, it's hard to find vintage-y stuff.. BORING!

how's life?

alia said...

omg thrifting seems heavenly right now... everything in new york is so fucking expensive and name brand-y. i found a vintage store the other day, but i swear it wasn't real vintage because there was like 10 of the same shirt... lol