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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Yesterday I caught a mouse,
set it on the deck outside my house,
and watched it run away.
I felt a little sorry
for the tiny beat up body,
and I wanted it to stay.
But some things you set free
knowing you won't see
them ever again.
So I sat out on the patio
and thought, "For all I know,
that mouse might've been a friend."

Because sometimes you let people run away, and sometimes they slip out of your hands. The point is- You might not see these people again, so love them while you can.

1 comment:

alia said...

love it... i've been thinking about similarly-related stuff lately. like i'm looking back to the last time i hung out with people from my class, and i'm like "wow, i'm not going to see them again for a really long time... if ever." it just makes me wonder if i had done anything different, but then i realize that there's nothing i could have possibly done to prevent or delay the oncoming separation. inevitability is a fact of life, and it's sort of depressing.