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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sister/ Sieanna

I know that you must have gotten angry
with me, but I can't recall
when you ever were mean.
Whenever my friends meet you for
the first time, they're stunned by how
beautiful you are. I bask in our sisterhood, then.
When you still lived with us,
I would sometimes hear you crying in your room.
I hated that there was nothing I could do,
and would sit outside your door
crying with you.
Recently, I've discovered that I don't like
you boyfriend, but I'd hate to tell you because
you've already put up with it so much
from our other female relatives.
I'll never want to visit you again, though,
because I don't want to see him manipulating you.
I'm not a kid anymore, but there's still nothing I can do.

Yeah, after that one for Mickey, I kind of wrote one for everyone in my family. This is the only one that almost made me cry.

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